The pyrolysis oil made from rubber using the Ecomation process is an excellent fuel. Its energy content matches that of standard light fuel oil and even exceeds it.


    The energy content of a pyrolysis gas corresponds to that of natural gas or even exceeds it.


    Tyres and plastics are among the most common and most problematic types of waste due to their large volume and durability. It is environmentally questionable and a big waste of money to just incinerate them.However, rubber and plastics made of oil are extremely energy-intensive and contain valuable raw materials. That can be utilized smartly using the state-of-the-art technology developed by Ecomation.

Ecomation Technology


  •   Optimized methods for crushing
  •  Special airlock feeding system reduces the need of a particle size reduction for non-stop pyrolysis (Pat. pend.)
  •  Special insulated exothermic pyrolysis reactor with microprocessor controlled heating system optimizesthe process energy consumption (Pat. pend)  
  • Possibility for process to produce all its own energy and electricity
NO CHIMNEY = No heat waste,
        No harmful emissions


  • Process can run 24/7, nightshift with minimum staff
  •   Easy to control the amount and shares of different outputs
  •   Possibility to run the process with catalyst or without
  •   The process is made with parallel units -> Easy to enlarge. In case of damage or service there might be no need to stop the whole plant
  •   The safest pyrolysis plant construction in the world
  • Possibility to construct the whole process to sea containers

 # The pyrolysis fuels made by Ecomation technology have good energy value and meet the high fuel standards.

# The fuels have been tested in several independent laboratories and universities.

About Us

About US
Ecomation Oy is a Finnish company designing and supplying machinery and process systems for plastic and rubber recycling processes, for bio waste, for electrical and electronic scrap and for and waste to energy solutions on an industrial scale.
We also maintain, service and modernize for all kind of existing recycling equipments and systems and provide counseling for corporations in the recycling sector.


Our Specialities 
Our innovative staff has many years of experience in environmental technology and they have gained expertise by solving problems for our customers.
We work with our customers from beginning to end, can deliver part or whole process as a turnkey solution, and guarantee servicing throughout its lifecycle.
Ecomation process systems are clean and fully automated. All our processes represent the most efficient and economic systems on the market in their respective fields.
We have not found any sustainable waste processing system with better efficiency compared to our processing line in the whole world. For instance, our pyrolysis process for fuel production can produce fuels whose energy content is 30 times more than the process consumes.
The metal recovering efficiency of our treatment system for WEEE is also the best on the market, giving the best ROI rates for our customers.


Quality and Enviroment
All our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, which is certified by our comprehensive quality system. In customer relationships Ecomation acts in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement, striving towards added value for the customers.

Our pyrolysis solution is completely emission free, which makes it revolutionary.
Our dry separation methods for waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) are clean and environmentally sound as no waste water is generated in the process. Complying with the WEEE Directive, the recycling method supports the sensible use of natural resources and the principle of sustainable development.

With ECOMATION there is no waste to waste.


Contact us

International sales and support

Ecomation Oy
Salorankatu 6
FI-24240 SALO

tel. +358 400 785 058
fax +358 2 733 33 55


Scandinavian countries:
tel.+358 44 300 3451

Latin American countries:
tel.+358 45  321 3451


Ecomation Oy,  Salorankatu 6 , FI-24240 SALOtel. +358 400 785 058, fax +358 2 733 33 55
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