ECOMATION offers a wide range of testing services to meet your extraordinary or one-off needs.

Do you have any waste of rejects which is currently a cost ?

It might have a value !

Have you tried to find a lab that offers the specialized testing you need, to no avail?

ECOMATION may be able to help you.
With ECOMATION there is no waste to waste.
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Ecomation process lines are capable of processing all types of scrap: industrial waste such as circuit boards and cables, household appliances, computers, telecommunications equipment as well as all electrical waste. Our lines have a capacity of 250–5,000 kg/h or even more. Our processing lines are divided into two series according to capacity: EMA series for capacity needs of over 2 tonnes/h and EMB series for capacity needs from 250 kg to 2 tonnes/h.
Our process comprises 3–5 reduction (mainly crushing) phases depending on the case. Each phase is followed by different types of separation. The whole process is automated, dry and clean without liquids, including an effective dust and odour control system.
Our process is suited to all kinds of WEEE, and a simplified version is available just for cables. There are four possible final products from WEEE after our process: (1) iron metals, (2) aluminium and light alloys, (3) copper, gold and other precious metals, and (4) plastics.


Our range of scrap separators comprises our revolutionary ESSE separation units plus electrostatic EESE and magnetic separators for all capacity needs.


Our basic versions of ESSE separator consist of multi-zone vibrating table containing ionization and blow stages. The complete version ESSE XL includes additionally a drum screen and feeding conveyor. ESSE separator separates metals from organic materials like plastics. It can also separate light alloys like aluminium from coloured metals like copper, and glass and ceramic materials from scrap with metals.
Our Electrostatic EESE separator uses the principle of corona electrostatic separation. A combination of a state-of-the-art high voltage power source and innovative solutions, it is suited to separation of metals from plastics as well as separation of different kinds of plastics from each other, including PMMA, ABS, PS, PE, PP, PET and PVC.

The benefits of ESSE and EESE separation include that they are very efficient and free from liquids. Together our separation processes form an unbeatable solution. Compared to competing separation methods, our advantage in addition to overall efficiency is that with our solution the customers can really recover the precious metals for instance from circuit boards.

With our processes including ESSE and EESE separator you can actually pick out the gold from garbage!


Ecomation manufactures and supplies all types of equipment for the recycling industry. Some of our equipment is also suited to other industrial sectors. These include crushers, conveyors, drum screens and other screens, dust extraction systems, and industrial automation systems.

Our range includes a variety of tailor-made conveyors in different sizes and for all purposes and capacity needs: belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, screw conveyors, and flexible spiral conveyors. Whatever demands you have for conveying, we can make it real.

Conveyors can be fitted with the following optional accessories: wheels, enclosures, raised edges, safety switch, protective switch for a motor, variable speed control and automation systems, different kinds of bowls, and sacking rack systems.


When selecting the right solution for material crushing it is important to figure out the whole process in which the crushing is needed. For instance in our scrap recycling processes the crushing solution for each case will be specified so that the energy consumption is optimized.

We have specialists who are well versed in improving the efficiency of all types of existing crushing processes. For example, we can improve the energy efficiency of the crushing process in a cement factory by controlling the electrostatic charges.

Through our own manufacturing and comprehensive network of partners we can offer a wide range of crushing equipment to help our customers to get the best possible solution for all crushing and shredding needs. We can offer the right solution for crushing of computer hard disks and PCBs as well as crushing of glass among other things.

We can also modernize existing crushing equipment for instance by providing a crusher with a system that continuously monitors the condition of blades, bearings and transmission components.


Drum screens are essential elements in our scrap processing lines and they can be integrated into our ESSE separator. Our drum screens are also sold separately, as they can be used in many variations for many different screening and dry cleaning purposes, including screening of crushed electrical scrap, glass and ceramics, and even screening of top soil.

Ask for different sizes and different materials.

The following optional accessories are also available for all models:

  • Wheels and supports
  • Integrated cleaning brushes
  • Safety and emergency switches
  • Protective switch for a motor
  • Variable speed control and automation systems
  • Different kinds of feeding and discharge conveyers
  • Bowls and sacking rack systems
  • Combustion engine instead of electric one.


    Dust control system is an essential element in our scrap processing lines. It also includes odour elimination equipment which can be used for many purposes, for instance disinfection of any microbes in all kind of scrap. The solution is based on the latest air ionization technology.

    The correct dimensioning of the dust control system is important to all processes. If it is too weak, the process will spread dust and may be noxious for the users, while too efficient a system will extract the fine precious metal particles from the process, and they will be lost in the end product.

    The correctly specified dust and odour control system is one of the methods in improving our customers’ existing processes and increasing their profitability. This is also one of our systems which can be used in industry branches other than recycling industry.

    Don’t hesitate to ask further information.


    We provide planning and counselling services for companies in the recycling sector.
    For instance, for customers with an existing recycling plant we promise to increase the operational and economic efficiency of the recycling process. In other words, we can make your recycling business more profitable.
    We can help our customers with profitability calculations. In most cases we can prove that the repayment time of our solutions as an investment is around 2–4 years or less, even now that the metal prices have come down. If you use our technology it is a waste of money to put WEEE to landfill.


    We maintain, service and modernize crushing and recycling equipment and systems to improve their efficiency and sustainability.
    If you have any kind of existing scrap treatment process that needs improving we believe we can help you at least with the following points:
    • make your old machines work better
    • stop wasting energy
    • increase automation or automate the whole process
    • make you treatment process to fulfil the directives and the orders of the authorities
    • make your recycling economically beneficial
    • With our help you can start your process really to make gold from garbage.


      ECOMATION® converts used tyres and plastic waste as well as assorted municipal waste to fuel or directly to electricity and/or district heat.
      EPA series is Ecomation’s complete solution for waste-to-energy recycling. Treatment capacities range from 0.3–3 tonnes/h (2,000–20,000 tonnes/year) or even more with parallel units.
      The state-of-the-art thermocatalytic process of the process line can operate 24/7 producing reusable (= saleable) products. Production of diesel grade fuel is also possible and in a sustainable way without any harmful emissions. All solutions offer superior efficiency on the market.

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